See Todd at Mighty Con St. Louis, Normlings #3 (It’s Here!), and an update on his new D&D comic.

Frik as a PorgIn just under two weeks I’ll be in artist alley at MIGHTY CON ST. LOUIS in the St. Charles Convention Center, June 23-24th! I will have several new things for sale, including NORMLINGS issue #3, THREE new Demotivational Posters, and EIGHT brand new Frik’in Cosplay drawings, including Frik dressed as a Porg and BB-93 from Star Wars, Jubilee from Xmen, Woody from Toy Story, Edna from The Incredibles, Groot, Black Panther, and Pennywise. Check out my new STORE to see them all!

Speaking of my store, I now offer EBOOKS of all my comics, with the exception of FRIK, which I’m still in the process of finishing.

Normlings #3 and Demotivational Posters


I’m still in the concept art stage for my newest untitled comic that will be loosely based on Dungeons and Dragons. I have enough scripts written for several issues, but I’m still trying to work on a visual style for it. I’m also banging my head against my desk to come up with an original title for the comic.

D&D Comic Concept Art
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