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Looking for unique art classes for your child but don’t live in the St. Louis, Missouri area to attend? If so, you are in luck! Using the power of this new fangled thing called the “in-ter-net”, I can teach live private classes with your child(ren) using webcams, Google Hangouts and Zoom, either one on one or in a group, in the USA or Canada!

Many of these classes are 100% created by me, so you won’t find them anywhere else! The REGISTRATION FORM is at the bottom of this page along with FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS!

ONLINE CLASSES TAUGHT: (prices (US$) are per child)
Junior Kids Comic Workshop – Ages 6-7 (2 classes, 45 mins each – $40)

Beginner Kids Comic Workshop – Ages 8-11 (4* classes, 45 mins each – $80)

Advanced Kids Comic Workshop – Ages 12+ (4* classes, 45 mins each – $100)

Character Design – Ages 9+ (3 classes, 45 mins each – $60)

General Drawing Skills – Ages 7+ (30 min sessions – CONTACT for rates. See FAQ below on what is taught.)

HOW TO DRAW classes from cartoons, movies and games. – Ages 6-11 (1 class / 30 minutes – $10) See pulldown on registration form for complete list.

*=Four instructional classes PLUS one 15min consultation follow up to review comics made.
Prices listed are for the full course.

1) REGISTRATION is below. On submit you will be taken to payment page on this site. Payment must be made before first day of class.

2) You have total control when class happens! Class can be once a week, back to back in same day or one class a day for several days in a row. (Please note that younger kids typically are unable to have back to back classes in the same day.)

3) I can teach during weekdays or weekends, day (perfect for HOMESCHOOLERS!) or evening. My schedule is quite flexible!

4) I will provide a link to connect to Google Hangouts or Zoom the day of class. You do not need an account to use this!

1) A large screen display (laptop, desktop, tablet) so your child sees what I’m drawing. A camera on the device so I can see your child’s work and give advice.

2) High speed internet is a must.

3) You must live in the United States or Canada and child must speak English. (Sorry, that’s all I know!)

4) You provide paper, pencils and other materials depending on class. I keep the supply list ultra simple. I will let you know what is needed after registration. I will also provide PDFs of worksheets to print for class, if needed.


"Todd's Junior class online was great! Very engaging and straight to the interesting material. It was a very useful and compact course perfect for the young budding artist. I was amazed by how much was fit into just two 45 min sessions - basics of comic drawing, character design, and narrative structure. My daughter also appreciated the game-ification aspect! Todd also has a very personable style with young students. We look forward to taking more. Thanks Todd!"

Ryan San Francisco, California Junior Kids Comic Workshop (Online Class) December 30, 2018

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How do your online classes work?

Using the power of this new fangled thing called, “the internet”, my online classes are effectively a live video phone call with your child. I use Google Hangouts and a high speed connection, and with the help of a video switcher program, I have two cameras on my system that I show. One camera is facing down at my desk so your child can see what I’m drawing, and the other one aimed at me for back and forth conversations.

Are these classes pre-scheduled or can we set our own dates?

These online classes are designed to work around your own schedule. I do not have a pre-scheduled class that multiple kids tap into. In the registration form are questions that help me give you the best date/time options that work with each of our calendars.

How many “slots” do you have available for your classes?

The number of slots does not apply here as my classes are with just your child and myself, or a group of kids that you have organized.

Do you offer free trial classes?

Unfortunately, I cannot offer free classes as this is what I do for a living. If you are hesitant and want to see how I conduct classes and how it all works, a great starting point is to sign up to one of my many HOW TO DRAW classes. Those are only 30 mins long and US$10, so it’s an easy entry point into what I do.

Are your classes scheduled?

I do not have pre-scheduled online classes. I teach these classes one on one or in small groups, but the process always starts with you. In the registration form are questions that help me find dates/times that work best for both of us. Once you send the registration form, I will contact you with possible dates for classes, then once we lock it in we’re good to go!

What if I have a group of kids who want to take your class?

The process starts the same way as if it’s a one on one class. Firstly, whoever is organizing this needs to fill out the registration form to start the process. We will then work on dates/times for class that is suitable for both of us. You then contact the other families to let them know and make a decision. Next, every other family who wants to be involved needs to fill out the registration form. In the notes section of the form they will say they are joining your class. That way I can connect the dots.

I will then email everyone at once with further class information and we’ll be set!

Are you willing to teach international students?

For right now my classes are only taught to students in the United States and Canada. Please CONTACT me and tell me where you live and I’ll see if I can work something out! The biggest hurdle to this is time zone differences and whether my credit card payment system will accept payments from your country.

What is taught in your classes?

The Junior workshop introduces kids to the basics of comic creation. Simple facial expressions, speech bubbles, understanding characters, storytelling, and drawing a lot of comics!

The Beginner workshop teaches kids the comic process in more depth. They’ll learn detailed facial expressions, more speech bubbles and how to use them, character design, motion lines, sound effects, panel composition, writing stories, and finally drawing a single, three panel, and six panel comic of their very own.

The Advanced workshop is aimed for older kids and goes even deeper in the comic making process. They will learn in depth character design, script writing, drawing techniques, shading, professional level speech bubbles, shot composition, panel layout and flow, thumbnailing, and a six page mini comic book as a final project.

This course focuses purely on character design and the techniques taught can apply to cartoon or realistic characters. Several principles will be taught, including facial proportions and expressions, character scale, height/weight variations, different profiles, giving expressions to things without a face, exaggeration and body language, simple skeletons, color palettes, silhouette comparisons, K.I.S.S. drawings, and ideas on how to make characters unique from one another.

These classes give step by step instruction in teaching characters from a variety of cartoons, movies, or games or purely from fantasy. Depending on the class, characters taught are voted on by the children!

What is taught in “General Drawing Skills” classes?

There are many factors that go into this. What is the child’s drawing skill level? How old is the child? What do the parents hope to get out of this? It’s very broad and individualized from child to child. They can learn anything from how to hold a pencil, line weight exercises, shading, perspective, 2D design, balance, still life drawings, and so on, just to name a few.

What are the system requirements to conduct classes online?

What you need to have for online classes with me and your child:

1) A device like a laptop, desktop, or tablet that has a webcam attached to it. This way I can see your child and their artwork so I can offer advice with what they are drawing. Mobile phones do not work for this as they are too small and your child won’t be able to see what I’m teaching.

2) High speed internet is a must.

Do we have to be at home to have a class?

Ideally you want to be somewhere where the internet is reliable and is in a quiet room. This won’t work if you are in a public place that is noisy and has a sketchy internet connection.

Will there be homework?

Yes, sometimes there will be homework depending on what the class is. This is due to these online classes being condensed down from their “in person” versions. I cut out several things that wouldn’t work in an online setting, so unfortunately that means sometimes your child will have to do some things on their own before the next class.

I have a question not covered by these other FAQs…

Please feel free to CONTACT ME with any questions or concerns you have about my online classes!

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