Apparently my comic classes were a huge hit at Apotheosis Comics & Lounge as they’ve invited me back to teach a series of after school classes this Fall! Thank you parents who requested this! Each of these HOW TO DRAW classes is $10 per child per class, and each class is from 4-5pm. All materials included. All classes below (but one) will teach two characters voted on by the kids!

The Cartoon Monsters class is unique in that it was created by me completely, so you won’t find this anywhere else in St. Louis!

TUE/AUG.27 – Gravity Falls Characters (Ages 7-11)
WED/SEPT.4 – Cartoon Monsters (Ages 6-11)
WED/SEPT.11 – Pokemon Characters (Ages 6-11)
TUE/SEPT.17 – Amazing World Of Gumball Characters (Ages 7-11)
WED/SEPT.25 – Minecraft Characters (Ages 7-11)
MON/SEPT.30 – Teen Titans GO Characters (Ages 7-11)

Registration and payment are open NOW so CLICK HERE GO!

CONTACT me here if you have any questions about the classes! Thanks everyone!