Art Hiatus Update (Part Seven): Thrown From The Mountain

Welp, I had every intention that my last blog post about giving up figuring out all this desert experience stuff would be the last and move on, but God disagreed with that. This wilderness experience has been confusing, painful, depressing, aggravating, and most of all, painful. I can’t tell you how painful this has been for me. (Did I mention it is painful?) TL;DR at bottom, but here’s what’s going on…

Art Hiatus Update (Part Six): The Dead End

FailedAfter the flurry of progress stated in previous posts, the bottom has dropped out and I feel defeated and at a dead end. You would think after my biggest fear was addressed by God that I would be at ease and relaxed about still being in the desert after eight months, but you would be wrong. I’m miserable. I’ve lost a lot of ground emotionally since that one step forward last month. By my guess I’ve went back easily fifteen steps…

EDIT: I wanted to make clear that this art hiatus has nothing to do with the teaching side of things. What I talk about in this blog post is about me creating artwork, not teaching it. I am very thankful that God has grown my teaching business these last couple of years and am very appreciative to all the parents who signed up for my classes. I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear in this blog post, these are really two separate things. I will not stop teaching and enjoy doing it!

Art Hiatus Update (Part Five): My Biggest Fear

As I stated in my previous post, God led me down a rabbit hole viewing a couple videos that taught me that ultimately, it just doesn’t matter, and to re-evaluate if I actually failed or not trying to make a career as an artist. This time around I want to talk about a nagging fear I’ve had since shortly after this wilderness experience started. Probably the biggest thing on my mind as I’ve gone through this.