The past fourteen months have been exhausting. Yeah, that pandemic thing happened which caused me to shift my entire teaching business to be 100% online, and God blessed me with so much work during that time that there were several months in a row where I didn’t have a single day off and was fully booked for a month in advance several months in a row.

Just last week, for the first time in over a year, my total teaching hours for a week dipped down into single digits. Before then I was always near or at max capacity every week, with a few days that went over capacity. This doesn’t even include administration work time. In the end it may be time for an adult beverage, or three, to say the least.

Many things happened within that time span which I will discuss below, but first, the number one question you St. Louis people are wondering about is…

New booking form, class policies, and update to mailing list.

It’s been a LONG time, so thanks for sticking around! Since Covid hit, I switched to purely online classes, and have been blessed till it hurts in regards to class load as parents looked for activities for their kids while being safe at home. A few of those months I didn’t have a single day off. It was exhausting, but I’m good. Thank you!

I have several announcements! My booking system is now upgraded and is way better! I’m also finally implementing a few class policies. There’s an important newsletter mailing list update too. Much of this will streamline a LOT of processes I do on the back end. (more…)