New booking form, class policies, and update to mailing list.

It’s been a LONG time, so thanks for sticking around! Since Covid hit, I switched to purely online classes, and have been blessed till it hurts in regards to class load as parents looked for activities for their kids while being safe at home. A few of those months I didn’t have a single day off. It was exhausting, but I’m good. Thank you!

I have several announcements! My booking system is now upgraded and is way better! I’m also finally implementing a few class policies. There’s an important newsletter mailing list update too. Much of this will streamline a LOT of processes I do on the back end. (more…)

10 FRIK’in Years: A Retrospective

This month marks the ten year anniversary of my very first comic, FRIK. Yes, TEN! It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago, but here we are. At the time, I was a stay at home dad to a rambunctious three year old, and comic making was the LAST thing on my mind. Who knew five years after that point it would lead me into a career teaching children’s drawing classes…