THANK YOU Mighty Con!

THANK YOU everyone who bought my artwork this weekend at MIGHTY CON ST. LOUIS! I really appreciate it and hope you enjoy what you bought! Here’s a few highlights I observed from the weekend in no particular order as well as some photos I shot…

1) Overheard two teens walking by and one said to the other, “Will you STOP sniffing me!”

2) Not once was I asked “Did you draw this?” or “Are you the artist?” This is something I typically hear 50 times over the course of any convention.

3) I only saw one person in a Star Trek uniform. This too is unusual.

4) My biggest seller was my $2 clearance “Perseverance” Demotivational Poster.

5) Another surprise, only sold one of my “Customer Service” Demotivational Posters the entire weekend. That’s normally my most popular one.

6) Throughout the weekend they played loud classic rock music over the speaker system. My table neighbor behind me (who was from Wisconsin) commented how that music isn’t really a comic con thing. I responded, “Yeah but it IS a St. Louis thing.” I think in that one statement he understood St. Louis.

7) This convention was unusual in the sense that Saturday’s crowd numbers were far smaller than on Sunday. Typically it’s the other way around. (and in turn, my sales were better on Sunday too.)

8) Some teens came up and looked at my “Frik’in Cosplay” drawings and one girl asked if I did commissions. I said it depends. She then explained how Frik would look great in some XYZ outfit from some character I’ve never heard of and showed me photos. I asked how she wanted to pay for it and she said, “Oh it was just an idea. I don’t want it.” You asked about commissions kid, not to give ideas!

9) At the end of the convention I ran into Mark Dodson, who I worked with some 13 years ago. He was a special guest there and is the voiceover artist who did all the Gremlins voices as well as “Salacious Crumb” from Return Of The Jedi. My son was there at the time and I introduced him to Mark and told him who he played in ROTJ and he was quite impressed. It was good catching up with him.

10) Easily handed out 60 business cards to parents promoting my art classes for the fall. Hope some of them sign up.

11) Pretty much worked all weekend on my thumbnail pages for Normlings issue #4 while I sat at the table.

12) Took video of two giant Ewoks dancing and posted it on Instagram. Pretty amusing.

13) There was a vendor/artist who was creating things out of glass (live demo) at the end of my aisle, many of the items were bongs.

14) At the end of the convention there were about 20 kids/teens who decided to run in a conga line around the whole convention. That frankly was about the most exciting thing to happen all weekend.

15) Biggest surprise of the weekend was seeing my cousin who I haven’t seen in about 15 years. She lives out of town and was there with her son and typically never goes to these things.

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