What is the age range of your comics?

Although the humor in my comics caters more towards adults, they are all perfectly safe for kids.
FRIK is for 10+. There’s no blood in it and only one cuss word throughout the entire thing.
HOLES IN IT is all ages!
THE NORMLINGS is all ages!

What are your comics about?

Check out my COMICS page for more information on each one!

Do you sell your work at comic conventions?

I do! Check out my appearances at the bottom of my COMICS page!

How are your comics made?

For FRIK and HOLES IN IT it was a little old tech meets new tech. I wrote the scripts in a notebook, sketched each page using paper/pencil, then scanned it into my computer and used Adobe Illustrator to “ink/color” the comics into vector graphics. For THE NORMLINGS it is all traditionally made other than the speech bubbles, because I want people to actually be able to read it.

Do you sell any merchandise?

Yes! Check out my STORE!

I met you at a convention, you seem shorter than I imagined.

Next time I’ll stand up, chairs have a tendency to do that.

In HOLES IN IT, which episodes are true and which ones aren’t?

When you buy the comic from my STORE, you will see symbols on the bottom right corner of certain pages that will say if it’s true or partly true. If you don’t see either of these then that page is a “what if” and didn’t really happen between myself and my son.

In HOLES IN IT, are you trying to tell us that your son wore a bucket on his head?

Yes! There was a span of about a solid month where my son actually wore a toy soldier bucket on his head every day. Thankfully he’s grown out of that…..for now.

Where did you get the idea for HOLES IN IT?

In 2011, I wanted to create something other than FRIK so I could submit it to a comic book compilation showcasing local artists, called “Mixed Feelings.” My two-page story revolved around an artist father who couldn’t come up with an idea for a comic and his son helped him out with his wild imagination. The birth of HOLES IN IT appears as bonus material in print and can be bought at my STORE!

Why is your comic called HOLES IN IT?

There was a period in my son’s life where he refused to eat chicken nuggets if the meat was separated from the breading. He would bite into it and immediately see the hole, and would refuse to eat the rest because “there are holes in it.” I had to cut up the nuggets into small bites to “hide” the holes so he would eat it. I thought the title was rather fitting and still have nightmares about it.

Where’s the hints on how to decipher the secret codes in NORMLINGS?

On the back of each NORMLINGS issue there’s a fun secret code for you to decipher. I provide no key to this anywhere within the comic, mainly because it’s super easy to figure out and it’s not pertinent to the story. The plan is to make each code more complex the further along this comic goes, so one day I may have to give a hint, but for now, you’re on your own.

Issue #1’s code has already been cracked!


How do you make your digital artwork?

Much of my mixed media digital abstract ARTWORK is created all on computer. Often I will use photographs I have taken and layer several of them in Photoshop, then I will heavily manipulate them until something emerges.

Do you sell your artwork?

Yes! If you see something here on my ARTWORK page that you like, please CONTACT me! I can print most images in any size!

Have you had your work shown in galleries?

Yes! My work has been shown in Boston, Chicago, St. Louis and San Antonio!


You seem bitter

No, this is how I usually am.


Do I have to sign up online or can I just walk in and do it the day of?

Space is often limited so I prefer you sign up online to reserve your slot. There may not be any seats left if you walk in the day of. If you still want to do this, please make sure to check the class information on this site as I will say if walk ins are allowed or not for a particular class.

What happens if you are fully booked for a class?

Sign up anyway and I will add you to the wait list in case someone drops out. If enough people sign the wait list then I will get another class going ASAP!

What are your payment options?

I use SQUARE for all credit card transactions. It’s just like Paypal (but better) and is perfectly secure! I will also accept cash only on the first day of the course. (exact change please.) No checks please! The course must be paid in full before it begins or right at the start of the first class. No late payments will be accepted!

Do I have to stay with my child during class or can I leave?

You do not have to stay. When you register there will be space for an emergency contact number in case I need to get a hold of you. Just keep your phone handy and make sure to get back when the class ends!

Do you allow special needs kids to participate?

Yes but it depends on the need. My son has high functioning autism, so I am more versed in the autistic world than anything else. If the child has more severe needs, then the parent or guardian must be present with the child to help them through class because I won’t be able to devote a lot of time to individual children. You can leave me a note during registration about the needs of your child.

What if we have to miss a week, do we get a refund for that week?

No refunds will be given for weeks missed, sorry.

But what if YOU miss a week?

In the event that I am sick or some other situation comes up and I cannot conduct class that day, I will first try to reschedule the class, if that does not succeed then you WILL get reimbursed for the class missed.

Will you send out an email reminding me of class every week?

No I won’t, but from time to time I will send out an email to everyone because of various things that may come up within the class.

What experience do you have running these classes?

I’ve been an artist almost my entire life, but since 2010 I’ve focused my artistic skills on creating comic books. I am the creator of three kid friendly comics, FRIK (10+), HOLES IN IT (ALL AGES), and THE NORMLINGS (ALL AGES), and for a couple of years I’ve sold these comics ONLINE and at comic conventions around the Midwest.

This teaching path I am currently on started in April 2015 when I was asked to teach a basic primitive version of my BEGINNER KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP to four 3rd grade classes at my son’s elementary school during art class. Since that time I’ve expanded and refined the course and have been teaching it on my own ever since!

Will my child bring things home every week to show me?

That depends on the class. For anything shorter than six weeks your child will bring things home every week. With the six week courses, often times I will keep most of each week’s work, but give it back at the end of the course in a presentation binder along with an award certificate so your child has a keepsake from the class.

Will there be homework?

For the KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP, it happens just once. Sometime between week four and five they have to work on a story script for their final six panel comic at the end of the course. For all other classes I teach, there is no homework.

Do you plan to hold classes in other parts of town?

I would love to! If you know of a teaching space that’s cheap (or free) in the St. Louis area, please CONTACT me and let me know! Unfortunately public libraries don’t like that I’m getting paid for classes, so they won’t allow me to teach there. (at least in terms of renting a room out. I can still walk in and find a side table and teach and they wouldn’t know any better.)

Does my child have to bring art supplies?

NO! All supplies are covered in the cost of class!

What if there’s a different person picking them up?

Please let me know at drop off or email the night before and I will write their contact info down. Thanks!

Can you teach group events?

Absolutely! I can teach a one hour intro class for my KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP as well as any of my HOW TO DRAW CLASSES! Please CONTACT ME and we’ll work something out!