Maintenance and site problems (now fixed.)

I had to upgrade my website to PHP 8 due to several plugins that wouldn’t let me update without it. This in turn broke my booking plugin, so it took a full day investigating with the developer on what was causing it. Turns out one of the plugins I upgraded made the booking plugin break. Plugin disabled and everything fixed now. If you find any part of my site acting weird or breaks on you, please CONTACT me, thanks!


* = Recently updated (5/15/23)
Several of you responded to my last newsletter with suggestions to look into for a new teaching space around the St. Louis area. I wanted to address some of these suggestions and will keep updating this post as time goes on.


GREEN DOOR GALLERY* – I taught a handful of classes there pre-pandemic, but I’m not certain it will work in a consistent format. Met with “newer” owner and she agreed to give this a shot. We will start with some classes in the Fall, so stay tuned!

LAUMEIER SCULPTURE PARK – They have a teaching space but I don’t think they rent it out to people. I will look into it. (more…)