SITE PROGRESS (Updated 5/31/18)

As you may have noticed, I pulled the switch on the new theme for my site today. Mobile users will notice this the most and desktop users will see little change. There are a couple of things that are different, like the right sidebar area being slightly wider, formatting in posts/pages updated to be a tableless design, etc. (no more html tables!)


1) TWEAKS: ALMOST DONE! Still finding things to tweak, but as I said, this will be an ongoing process.

2) ECOMMERCE: DONE! My STORE is now live on this site and loaded with merch! IN PROGRESS: Streamlining payments on here for my CLASSES!

3) EBOOKS: 90% DONE! You can now buy the Ebook version of all of my comics except for the FRIK: THE COMPLETE SERIES as that is the largest of them and will take the longest to complete. The rest can be found on my COMICS store page!

Thanks for your patience. If you see anything wrong with the site, please CONTACT me and let me know.

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