The past fourteen months have been exhausting. Yeah, that pandemic thing happened which caused me to shift my entire teaching business to be 100% online, and God blessed me with so much work during that time that there were several months in a row where I didn’t have a single day off and was fully booked for a month in advance several months in a row.

Just last week, for the first time in over a year, my total teaching hours for a week dipped down into single digits. Before then I was always near or at max capacity every week, with a few days that went over capacity. This doesn’t even include administration work time. In the end it may be time for an adult beverage, or three, to say the least.

Many things happened within that time span which I will discuss below, but first, the number one question you St. Louis people are wondering about is…

Now that the pandemic is rounding the corner and people are getting vaccinated (including me!), it’s time to start looking towards the Fall. I doubt I will ever see this level of online class registrations again, so I need to shift things back to how it was set up pre-pandemic. I have no other update on this but it WILL happen in the Fall. I need to start contacting various locations and get the ball rolling to lock in dates. Stay tuned!

Before the pandemic hit, I was only teaching my Girlscout badge classes in person around the St. Louis area. Once it did hit and I shifted them online, it opened me up to teaching nationally as well as locally. It took about six months to get traction, but when it did, wow was it overwhelming.

Just for context, the first sixty-four days of 2021, I TIED the total number of GS classes I taught for ALL of 2020, and even for that year, I broke my record by five classes from 2019! Just recently I celebrated teaching my 100th Girlscout class within the same calendar year! That’s over twice as many classes in the first five months of this year compared to all GS classes I taught in 2020! That’s insane numbers and it hurts my head thinking about it.

Thank you leaders for letting me teach your troops!

There was a point where the above mentioned Girlscout classes were choking out everything else, so I created public group classes in an attempt to help insert more time slots into my class schedule. Unfortunately these weren’t as popular as I had hoped, so it’s doubtful this type of class will return in the Fall, but I’m open to the possibility.

I think I missed my window of opportunity when I created these and should have started three months earlier. I was so busy with everything mentioned above that I didn’t have time to set them up sooner. By the time I did, I was already on the downward trend of registrations across the board for everything as we crept closer to summer. Speaking of which…

Yes, I will still be available for online private one on one classes this summer! I can teach your child how to make comics, character design, or step by step instructions with several of my “How To Draw” classes like Pokemon or Minecraft, and “General Drawing Skills” classes for those looking for more traditional instruction.

For the class list, prices, testimonials, and registration, GO HERE!

I will continue teaching these four badges nationally online, but locally things will change a tiny bit. Many of you local leaders are familiar with my “driving coverage map” that I have on my site. Now that everyone is excessively familiar with Zoom, I will no longer teach in person classes in the “red zone” on the map. All troops in the red zone or beyond will have to take my online classes instead.

Often times the “red zone” adds up to another two hours of driving on top of class time, so I need to better utilize that time now that I can teach these online. If you are a Junior or Cadette St. Louis troop leader who wants to sign up for Fall classes, or any other troop outside of STL, go CLICK HERE NOW!

Thanks for reading!