Hello everyone, hope all is well! I wanted to give an update on my in person children’s drawing classes. Yes, I am still teaching despite being mostly quiet on here and social media lately. It’s a lot of work to keep that going and I needed a break for a bit.

You may remember towards the end of last year I tried to jump start in person classes around the St. Louis, Missouri area thinking the pandemic was dying down. Parents clearly weren’t ready to return as I consistently had zero signups (for classes I normally sell out) and the entire situation went horribly and I put it back on the back burner.

Lately, however, I’ve received -several- emails from parents asking when I will return to in person classes, so I’m taking that as a sign that I need to try it again soon, but as a slow cautious rollout.

Right now I’ve been teaching Girlscout badge classes in person around STL because it’s in a private space and I can keep my distance from everyone and have more control over the situation.

The plan is to start private one on one classes again sometime in July or August, but that depends on if we get any fun new variants. In the Fall I will start looking into public group in person classes again, like the ones I taught at The Novel Neighbor bookstore.

This is naturally all subject to change, so keep an eye out for updates. In the meantime, my live ONLINE zoom classes are always available, so check out that page for what is taught, prices, testimonials, and to register.

Back in 2019, God revealed to me one day I will have my own physical teaching space, then the pandemic hit. Lately, He’s been nudging me to start moving forward on this, which is a flipping daunting task.

Do you or someone you know deal with renting space out in an non-residential capacity around St. Louis? If so, please CONTACT ME, because I have questions to ask in order to wrap my head around all this.

I will need to start small, so probably a dedicated single room in an office block or something like that, but the key thing is I’m hoping to have it around the Webster Groves/Kirkwood area. I don’t have the money to jump in straight away, so this is very much the planning stage where I get all the data, then work out a plan. Thanks for your help!

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