Update On The New Comic

New Comic ThumbI wanted to give an update on a new comic in development for those who don’t follow my updates on social media. (and you should!) A couple of months ago I announced the idea for a new comic inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, and since that time I’ve been working on concept art and scripts for the project.

In regards to scripts, I have two to three solid ones ready to go, but as the adventure plays out, I’m finding a shift in my writing style from my usual comedy oriented slant to something less…slanty…? So in other words, I’m not happy with it and the last few things I’ve written will need some serious doctoring to meet the quality I started out with.

Since I’m currently working on my NORMLINGS comic, I can really take the time to develop this one and flesh it out before I begin. Once I do get a chance to start working on this one for real, all the hard work will be completed and I should be able to fly through it pretty fast.

But seriously, if you want to follow the progress on this comic, please check out my FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE+, and INSTAGRAM pages to see updates!

In the next couple of days I will post an update on NORMLINGS issue #3!
Thanks for reading!

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