It’s taken several months, but finally it’s here! Take your child’s drawings and comics to the next level with Todd’s art kits that help them create 5.5″x8.5″ booklets from their work! These art kits come with everything you need, and in the end you get a stack of ten professionally printed booklets in your hand, perfect for gifts or keepsakes, or to even sell! (more booklets can also be bought for an extra fee.)

Although these are not a replacement for Todd’s drawing/comic classes, he provides your child with the tools to succeed! The first two of four kits are now available for purchase! Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks per kit.

Ages 6-11 and 12-18
This pre-printed comic kit provides you with everything you need, and comes in two variations depending on your child’s age. With it, they will create a six page mini comic book, including the front and back cover. These easy to understand kits are laid out in a way to help your child succeed, and in the end you get a stack of mini comic books to give as gifts or to even sell!

Ages 6-18
The “Portfolio Of Drawings” kit takes several of your child’s drawings and puts them in one six page booklet. These can be a collection of different drawings or a theme linking them all together. Each page will have a picture frame wrapped around the drawings.

For more information including what is included in each kit (including the two that are not released yet), pricing, and FAQ’s, please visit