I write words…on Making Comics!

I’ve been writing “how to make comics” articles since August ’13 and publishing them on my site for my other comic, Frik’in Hell. I have 19 articles so far with the possibility for more to come. End of last year I was contacted by a group who run a site called “Making Comics“, and asked if I would contribute my articles to their site as well. Their goal is to make this site a wiki for comic making, covering all topics possible with articles written by several different people in “the industry.”

I am very honored to be asked because I’ve been following the happenings of the man in charge, Patrick Yurick , for some time now. He has a studio out in San Diego where he runs “teaching comics to kids” classes and other various things he does online. He really wants to use comics as an educational tool and I have great respect for what he’s done so far.

That being said, I’ve had to “up my game” so to speak and go through a process of rewriting what I’ve created to meet the higher standards set forth by his site. (translation: I now have to deal with copy editors) My 2nd article just published on their site, and it’s a much better read than how it was the first time around. Go check it out as well as the rest of the site!

Making Comics: How To Write An Outline For Your Comic

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