Fireside Chat: Part One (SOCIAL EXPERIMENTING)

A Fireside Chat, with ToddAt the start of 2018 I ran a social media experiment. From January 1st to June 23rd, I posted photos of me creating my art every day across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (and sporadically on Google+ since that’s unfortunately dying.) I wanted to see how many followers/likes I could get by consistently posting my art and my process. I ended the experiment when MIGHTY CON ST. LOUIS happened in June.

SITE PROGRESS (Updated 5/31/18)

As you may have noticed, I pulled the switch on the new theme for my site today. Mobile users will notice this the most and desktop users will see little change. There are a couple of things that are different, like the right sidebar area being slightly wider, formatting in posts/pages updated to be a tableless design, etc. (no more html tables!)