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By ToddFriday - September 30th, 2016Categories: News

Hey everyone, it’s been almost two months since my last post, and I wanted to give an update on what’s been going on with my art and classes during that time. I have a lot of plates spinning in the air right now! This is a two part post, the first part will be about my art.

Normlings Issue 2 cover THE NORMLINGS – ISSUE 2
The vast majority of my time these past two months has been taken up working on issue 2 of THE NORMLINGS, and I’m happy to say it is now finished and ready for the printer! I don’t know when it will ready to sell as I have to do the next thing first…
Holes In It Cover HOLES IN IT
The new printer cannot print HOLES IN IT in the same size as the previous printer, so I have to shrink the comic down by an inch and a half to fit their machine specs. Once reformatting is complete I will send this and NORMLINGS #2 off to the printer. Hopefully in the next week I’ll have this done and will let you know via social media! *cough*clickononeattoprightofthispage*cough*
Long overdue and I apologize to the people waiting to get their hands on this. Once the above is done I will jump back on this. The plan is to combine all four FRIK volumes into one book and remove 90% of the bonus content to make it cost effective. Why? Main reason is storage space. It’s much easier to haul a bunch of 108 page books to conventions than four individual volumes of 52 pages each. The second reason is it will be far cheaper for you to buy!

If you’ve already bought the first three volumes, I will give you a discount to buy this Anthology since the first three volumes will also be in the book. I don’t want to double charge you for the same content!

Want something besides comics? For the past ten years I’ve worked in abstract digital mixed media. The plan is to start putting pieces up on my SQUARE STORE, but you can visit my GALLERY on this site and look at everything in the meantime. See a piece you really want to have? CONTACT me for sizes and prices!

Thanks for reading, now go read about updates with my art classes that I’m teaching!

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