This comedy is about a medieval warrior who finds himself out of work and is forced to get a job at a medieval fast food restaurant. He doesn’t handle customers well and has to work with a guy named the KEEPER OF THE KETCHUP, and frankly he’s a bit unstable and wants to kill everyone around him.

Has bonus material not found in the FRIK: THE COMPLETE SERIES anthology book! This is a collectible and won’t be printed again! Selling it below my cost to get rid of it! More info on bonus material below.

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This 52 page magazine sized comic is full color with a lot of bonus material.


  • Comes with 25 full color pages as well as the original hand drawn B&W sketches for each!
  • Changes from script to final product, showing you how the comic evolved and even some changes that happened after it went to the printed version. This gives you a glimpse into how the creative process is fluid.
  • Loads of trivia information about the creation as well as general observational commentary on other stuff indirectly involved with the comic.
  • You get to see concept art on how Frik and the other characters evolved before making it to the final version.
  • Will arrive at your door signed by creator.

PARENT INFO: Rated 10+ as the humor is more on the adult side. It’s cartoony with no blood and just one cuss word in the entire run.

RETURN POLICY: No refunds at all for any digital file purchase. No returns/exchanges will be accepted for any printed comics unless there is obvious damage caused by shipping. In that case, keep the packaging and take a photo of all damage and send it to so I may file an insurance claim with the shipper. Also include your name and when you purchased the item(s).

DISCLAIMER: This artwork is copyrighted © by Todd Tevlin. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction, publication or distribution of part or all of these images in any form is prohibited without the express written consent from the creator.

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