Art Hiatus Update (Part Five): My Biggest Fear

As I stated in my previous post, God led me down a rabbit hole viewing a couple videos that taught me that ultimately, it just doesn’t matter, and to re-evaluate if I actually failed or not trying to make a career as an artist. This time around I want to talk about a nagging fear I’ve had since shortly after this wilderness experience started. Probably the biggest thing on my mind as I’ve gone through this.

Introducing: Live Online Private Classes!

I’m happy to announce that starting in January 2019 I will be teaching live private online classes! For a while now I’ve been trying to figure out how I can teach kids outside of the St. Louis MO area, and this is it! Also perfect for HOMESCHOOLERS as I can teach these during the day on weekdays! Using webcams and Google Hangouts, I’ll give one on one instruction to your 6+ year old child. Right now I’m only teaching my KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP series as well as my CHARACTER DESIGN CLASS.

Visit the ONLINE CLASSES page for pricing and more information! CONTACT me with any questions.