Mosaic – The First Meeting

For those keeping tabs, I previously mentioned that my church (re)started an artist specific group called Mosaic. This is the next step on my path, according to events I mentioned two articles ago. This past Friday was the first event. I arrived early to get the best spot for my artwork. I also prayed that if my next next step was going to be revealed, that I wouldn’t miss it.

There were about 75 people on the registration list, but disappointingly only about 7-8 were visual artists. I was hoping to see artists from the old C2 group that dissolved about six years ago, but I think I was the only one there. I understand a lot of time has passed and people could have moved on, but I was still hoping to see people from that group.

Throughout the night, musicians played and the event was capped off with a DJ. People were dancing (mainly mid 30’s and below), and there was a hip hop dance performance at one point. I would say probably 20% of the total attendance was an artist of some form, the rest were there to witness it all.

Todd Tevlin's artwork display
Three digital mixed media pieces as well as my comic books on the table.

After I set up my work, the person in charge (remember who I mentioned two articles ago? Her.) asked me to be the “art gallery host” to direct people where to set up their art, help with anything, etc. I did this for a bit as I kept an eye on my section of the “gallery” in case I needed to go over and talk to people looking at my work. For the most part a good chunk of people stopped and looked, but not as many people looked at my comics. I knew this crowd was probably not into that so it didn’t bother me.

Ultimately to make a long story, my next step wasn’t revealed, which I expected. I was meant to be there to fellowship. Also looking back, I was meant to be there because God needed me to talk to two specific people. One was to encourage a teenage artist to keep doing what he’s doing, and the other was to motivate a friend to get back into painting. *cough*youknowwhoyouare*cough*

Mosaic has a lot of promise, so I hope it continues with more artists appearing next time. As far as myself goes, now I’m back in “wait mode”, as nothing was revealed about my specific path. Naturally when things develop I will keep you posted.

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