Fireside Chat: Part One (SOCIAL EXPERIMENTING)

A Fireside Chat, with ToddAt the start of 2018 I ran a social media experiment. From January 1st to June 23rd, I posted photos of me creating my art every day across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (and sporadically on Google+ since that’s unfortunately dying.) I wanted to see how many followers/likes I could get by consistently posting my art and my process. I ended the experiment when MIGHTY CON ST. LOUIS happened in June.

I kept detailed spreadsheets tracking how many people looked at each post, how many responded to it by clicking on a link or liking it. I was also figuring out the best hashtags to use as well as the best day and time to post based on all this data I collected. I invested a HUGE amount of time to get my name out there online and get people interested in my artwork these past seven months.

The results? Horrible, with a capital HORR-I-BLE.

Facebook and Twitter were unchanged, and Instagram I gained around thirty followers. It was a LOT of work to find out it’s not worth my time to continue it. I’ve known since day one that the art I create and the stories I tell are not for everyone. It bothers me greatly that countless other artists gain followers, a million likes, and sell their artwork without having to lift a single finger, and here I am not even able to get people to acknowledge me.

From this point, I’m cutting my social media presence down heavily. I’ll still post stuff, just not as often. Having my art validated online by the public would have been great, but clearly this wasn’t meant to be. I feel it’s another door being closed by God, and I have to figure out what the hell it all means.

And that’s a HUGE can of worms I’ll be opening up tomorrow, so stay tuned for my next post.

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  1. Yeah, my art doesn’t reach online, either. Thought it would but .. in person, it sells like hot cakes.. online, barely a ripple.

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