Public Online Group Classes

This page is for public online group drawing classes. If you are interested in my private one on one / group classes, please visit my PRIVATE ONLINE CLASS page, which includes a class list and pricing.
For my HOW TO DRAW online classes, your children will be taught step by step instruction in drawing a variety of topics. For my KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP series, they will learn to make their very own comics. Supply list will be given via email the day before class, but all supplies are things you have around your house.


UPCOMING CLASS SCHEDULE (Only 10 seats available per class*!)
*Check seat availability within booking form below.

HOW TO DRAW Cartoon Monsters

Sat, Apr.24

1-1:30pm CST


AGES: 6-11 – US$10 PER CHILD
Registration Closes 4/23

JUNIOR Kids Comic Workshop

Sun, Apr.25 - Sun, May.02

1-2pm CST


Registration Closes 4/24


Sat, May.08

1-1:30pm CST


Registration Closes 5/7

HOW TO DRAW Captain Underpants

Sat, May.15

1-1:30pm CST


Registration Closes 5/14

BEGINNER Kids Comic Workshop

Sun, May.16 - Sun, Jun.06

4-5pm CST


US$80 $65 PER CHILD (early bird pricing!)
Registration Closes 5/15

1) REGISTRATION is below. Payment is built into the form and will complete registration. The system uses SQUARE CC processing for payment. On submit, you will receive a confirmation email that contains next steps. If you don't see this email an hour after you register, check your spam folder as it's most likely in there.

2) The day before class, I will email you a link to connect to Zoom. Some classes will also have a worksheet PDF you need to print out. You do not need an account to use Zoom!

1) A large screen display (laptop, desktop, tablet) so your child sees what I'm drawing. A camera on the device so I can see your child's work and give advice.

2) High speed internet is a must.

3) You must live in the United States or Canada. (For other countries, please CONTACT me. My credit card payment system might be able to work with your country!)

4) Your child must speak English. (Sorry, that's all I know!)

5) You provide paper, pencils and other materials depending on class. I keep the supply list ultra simple. I will let you know what is needed after registration. I will also provide PDFs of worksheets to print for class, if needed.

The Junior workshop introduces kids to the basics of comic creation. Simple facial expressions, speech bubbles, understanding characters, storytelling, and drawing a lot of comics!

The Beginner workshop teaches kids the comic process in more depth. They’ll learn detailed facial expressions, more speech bubbles and how to use them, character design, motion lines, sound effects, panel composition, writing stories, and finally drawing a single, three panel, and six panel comic of their very own.

The Advanced workshop is aimed for older kids and goes even deeper in the comic making process. They will learn in depth character design, script writing, drawing techniques, shading, professional level speech bubbles, shot composition, panel layout and flow, thumbnailing, and a six page mini comic book as a final project.

This course focuses purely on character design and the techniques taught can apply to cartoon or realistic characters. Several principles will be taught, including facial proportions and expressions, character scale, height/weight variations, different profiles, giving expressions to things without a face, exaggeration and body language, simple skeletons, color palettes, silhouette comparisons, K.I.S.S. drawings, and ideas on how to make characters unique from one another.

These classes give step by step instruction in teaching characters from the following:

Adventure Time (Ages 7-11)
Amazing World Of Gumball (Ages 7-11)
Angry Birds (Ages 6-11)
Captain Underpants (Ages 6-9)
Cartoon Animals - Limited List (Ages 6-11)
Cartoon Dragon (Ages 6-11)
Cartoon Monsters (Ages 6-11)
Classic Disney (Ages 6-11)
Dogman (Ages 6-9)
Minecraft (Ages 7-11)
Pokemon (Ages 6-11)
Spongebob Squarepants (Ages 7-11)
Star Wars (Ages 7-11)
Teen Titans GO (Ages 7-11)

These are traditional fundamental classes. There are many factors that go into these classes as each is individualized from child to child. They can learn anything from how to hold a pencil, line weight exercises, shading techniques, perspective, 2D design, balance, still life drawings, optical illusion art and so on, just to name a few.



"My son said this was the best online class he has taken (and he has taken a lot this past year). He learned concrete cartooning skills and had fun doing it. Todd was a great teacher and kept him engaged and making progress." Continue...

Elizabeth Kensington, CA BEG Kids Comic Workshop (Online)

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Using the power of this new fangled thing called, "the in-ter-net", my online classes are effectively a live video phone call with your child. I use Zoom and a high speed internet connection, and with the help of a video switcher program, I have two cameras on my system that I show. One camera is facing down at my desk so your child can see what I'm drawing, and the other one aimed at me for back and forth conversations.

What you need to have for online classes with me and your child:

1) A device like a laptop, desktop, or tablet that has a webcam attached to it. This way I can see your child and their artwork so I can offer advice with what they are drawing. Mobile phones do not work for this as they are too small and your child won't be able to see what I'm teaching as easily.

2) High speed internet is a must.

For right now my classes are only taught to students in the United States and Canada. Please CONTACT me and tell me where you live and I'll see if I can work something out! The biggest hurdle to this is time zone differences and whether my credit card payment system will accept payments from your country.

Please visit my PRIVATE GROUP CLASS page and register there.

On that page, whoever is organizing this group class needs to fill out the registration form to start the process. There are options in there that will tell me this is a private group class. You will pick a date/time in the registration process, and finally you will pay for your children.

Next, let the other families know what class you picked along with date and time. Then, every other family needs to fill out the registration form and select "Previously scheduled class." They will then enter your name in so I can connect the dots. They will then also select the class you picked and pay for their own children at that time.

Once everyone has registered I will email you all at once with further class information and we'll be good to go!

If you want to see what my availability is before registering, fill out the form till you get to the date/time picker screen. Here you will see what dates and time slots are available. You can then take this info to the other families to decide before you complete the form and submit it.

Each PUBLIC GROUP ONLINE class only has ten seats available. I feel that's a good number allowing me to give a little individual attention to a student if needed without it slowing down the entire class causing us to not finish the full lesson plan.

These PUBLIC GROUP online classes are pre-scheduled by me, but will be consistently scheduled every month so you can see what will be taught a couple of months ahead. Check back on this page to see upcoming classes.

Yes, sometimes there will be homework depending on what the class is. This is due to these online classes being condensed down from their "in person" versions. I cut out several things that wouldn't work in an online setting, so unfortunately that means sometimes your child will have to do some things on their own before the next class.

There is guaranteed homework in the BEGINNER and ADVANCED KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP classes, but everything else has either nothing or very little.

Ideally you want to be somewhere where the internet is reliable and is in a quiet room. This won't work if you are in a public place that is noisy and has a sketchy internet connection. (like a hotel room, for example.)

Please feel free to CONTACT ME with any questions or concerns you have about my online classes!

For the PUBLIC GROUP classes, rescheduling a session is not possible. If you have to miss a session, please make sure to CONTACT me to let me know.

In order to get a refund for your PUBLIC GROUP class you need to cancel no later than 24 hours before the first session begins. There are no refunds if it's after that point or after the first session has already taken place (in the event it's a multi-session class.)

Please CONTACT me!

If you know you're running late for a scheduled session, please CONTACT me and let me know!

Each class will have a five minute "warm up draw" at the start of class, so make sure you arrive before five after and you'll be good. Regardless of how late you show, you will not be reimbursed for the time you missed.

In the event you missed a class, whether due to an emergency or just plain forgot, class will not be made up and rescheduled. For my KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP and CHARACTER DESIGN classes, I will email you a PDF covering what was taught for that class, so your child will be up to speed for the following sessions.