Birthday Parties

Looking for an unique birthday party experience for your 6-11 year old? Want someone to take over your party for thirty minutes so you can get away from screaming kids? Tired and/or scared of clowns or mimes? If so, then this class is for you!

Select a class from the list below and I will teach your party guests and all materials are included in the price. Only thing you need to worry about is having enough tables/chairs for the kids and a space for me and my dry erase board.


PRICE: $5 per child, MIN KIDS: 4, MAX KIDS: 15, LENGTH: 30mins


"My son is obsessed with graphic novels. Todd helped him celebrate his 8th birthday with his friends by teaching them how to draw comics. The boys had a great time learning the fundamentals and are still talking about the party to date! Todd was patient, attentive and creative all while holding the attention of 8 plus kids! Thank you Todd!"

Jessica Kids Comic Workshop Intro (Birthday Party) St. Louis, Missouri May 9, 2019

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Green Zone = No Extra Charge
Yellow Zone = $10 Additional Gas Fee
Red Zone = $20 Additional Gas Fee.

Adventure Time - Ages 7-11
Amazing World Of Gumball - Ages 7-11

Adventure Time - Ages 7-11
Amazing World Of Gumball - Ages 7-11

Angry Birds - Ages 6-11
Captain Underpants - Ages 6-9

Cartoon Monsters - Ages 6-11
Classic Disney - Ages 7-11

Dogman - Ages 6-9
Gravity Falls - Ages 7-14

Minecraft - Ages 7-11
My Little Pony - Ages 7-11

Pokemon - Ages 6-11
Spongebob - Ages 7-11

Star Wars - Ages 7-11
Teen Titans GO - Ages 7-11

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When do we pay you and what types of payments do you accept?

You can pay me the day of the party when I come over. I accept cash or credit card and will bring my CC reader with me. No checks please.

Does registering for this class signify that it will happen?

Registering alone doesn’t mean this is locked and happening. Scheduling issues could prevent me from being able to do it at all. Registration is just to get the process started to see availability!

What if less/more kids show up from my estimate on the registration form?

You only pay for the number of kids who show up, however, I charge a minimum of $20 even if less than four kids show up.

Do you expect tips?

Not expected but definitely appreciated.

How far will you drive for a party?

See my coverage map above. Green zone = No extra charge. Yellow zone = $10 additional gas fee. Red zone = $20 additional gas fee.

What do we need to do before you arrive?

Have enough tables and chairs for the kids to be able to draw from. I bring an easel and dry erase board, so typically I like to set that up at the end of the biggest table you have.

What if we want you to stay later?

From my experience, keeping their attention at a birthday party is finite due to the nature of the event and the cake and ice cream inside them. The longest I can “safely” stay would be an hour (no longer), BUT you must arrange this with me before the day of the party so I know to bring enough supplies. The fee to stay for an hour would be $10 per child instead of $5. The “How To Draw” class will still be thirty minutes long, but the last thirty minutes will be fun drawing challenges/activities that I give them.

Do you dress up for the party?

If you mean dress up as in “will you come fully clothed”, then yes, yes I will.

Did I miss a question? Please CONTACT ME if there’s something I didn’t cover! Thanks!

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