Q: What is the age range for your comics?
A: FRIK is designed for 10+. There’s no blood in it and only one cuss word throughout the entire thing. The humor is more on the adult side, however, so this comic really appeals to a broad range of people! HOLES IN IT is all ages!

Q: Do you sell your work at comic conventions?
A: I do! Check out my APPEARANCES page!

Q: I met you at a convention, you seem shorter than I imagined.
A: Next time I’ll stand up, chairs have a tendency to do that.

Q: Do you sell any merchandise?
A: Yes! Check out the STORE!

Q: How are your comics made?
A: A little old tech and a little new tech. I write the scripts in a notebook, sketch each episode using paper/pencil, then scan it into my computer to use Adobe Illustrator to “ink/color” the comic into vector graphics.

Q: What are your comics about?
A: Check out my page about my COMICS for more information!

Q: In HOLES IN IT, how do we know which episodes are true and which ones aren’t?
A: There will be symbols on the bottom right corner of the episode that will say if it’s true or partly true. If it’s a “what if”, there will not be any symbol at all.

Q: Are you trying to tell us that your son wore a bucket on his head?
A: There was a span of about a solid month where my son wore a toy soldier bucket on his head every day.

Q: Where did you get the idea for HOLES IN IT?
A: In 2011 I wanted to create something other than Frik to submit to a comic book compilation showcasing local artists, called “Mixed Feelings.” My two-page story revolved around an artist father who couldn’t come up with an idea for a comic and his son helped him out with his wild imagination. This episode never was shown online, but it will make an appearance as bonus material in the printed version, so stay tuned!

Q: Why is your comic called HOLES IN IT?
A: There was a period in my son’s life where he refused to eat chicken nuggets if there was a separation of the meat inside and the breading. He would bite into it and immediately see the hole, and would refuse to eat the rest because “there are holes in it.” I had to cut up the nuggets into small bites to “hide” the holes so he would eat it. I thought the title was rather fitting given how autistic kids see things differently, and that it really could mean anything when you’re dealing with an autistic child.


Q: How do you make your digital artwork?
A: Much of my mixed media digital abstract artwork is created all on computer. Often I will use photographs I have taken and layer several of them in Photoshop, then I will manipulate them until something emerges.

Q: Do you sell your artwork or photography?
A: Absolutely! Please CONTACT me! I can print almost any size!

Q: Have you had your work shown in galleries?
A: Yes! My work has been shown in Boston, Chicago, St. Louis and San Antonio!

Q: What do you shoot your photography with?
A: My current camera is a Canon 40D. In the past I have used a Canon Rebel XT.


Q: You seem bitter.
A: No, this is how I usually am.

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