First digital mixed media abstract of 2017, “Scatterbrain”

By ToddWednesday - March 29th, 2017Categories: News

I’ve been suffering from mold allergies the last few days and couldn’t focus on anything significant, so I decided to finish this digital mixed media abstract piece I started a couple years ago but failed to finish. As always this and all of my work is available as high quality prints, CONTACT me if you are interested in buying this one. I can get this printed up to 24″x24″!

Scatterbrain by Todd Tevlin. Copyright © 2017
“Scatterbrain” by Todd Tevlin. Copyright © 2017

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The FRIK anthology has begun!

By ToddSunday - February 26th, 2017Categories: News

Good News Everyone!After many near starts spanning at least two years, I finally started working on the FRIK anthology book! This anthology will include all four volumes and will roughly be 106 pages long and perfect bound. (glued not stapled) Remember that volume four was never printed, so this will be the first time that the ending of this saga will be available to people buying this comic!

Up till this point, I was printing each volume individually with tons of bonus content. A couple of years ago it became obvious that I should just combine them into one book as it would help me in terms of (continue reading…)

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The year ahead, conventions, the holidays, and you.

By ToddThursday - December 1st, 2016Categories: News

Happy Holidays

As the year draws to a close and I reflect back on everything I’ve done this year, I realize I’m exhausted, lol. Not only have my ART CLASSES more or less taken off where it’s become a semi-part time job (which includes homeschool, after school and Girl Scout badges), but I’ve also cranked out two issues of my newest comic, THE NORMLINGS, reformatted HOLES IN IT to be a vertical comic, and slowly worked on the FRIK Anthology book. (sorry for that one, it’s taking longer than I want.)
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One year anniversary teaching and exciting announcement for 2017!

By ToddSunday - October 23rd, 2016Categories: News

First photo of Todd teachingThis month marks my one year anniversary teaching 8-12 year old kids on how to make their own comics. Besides the KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP that started it all, I also now teach a HOW TO DRAW MONSTERS class, After School classes, Homeschool classes, and I help Girl Scouts earn their “Drawing” and “Comic Artist” badges. I have a lot of plates spinning right now and I hope to get more traction with the coming year! I’ve managed to turn this into a semi-part time job, but I can always do more and WANT to do more!
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Whole barrel of updates – Art class related

By ToddSaturday - October 1st, 2016Categories: News

In my previous Artwork Related post, I went over all the current art projects that have taken up my time lately, but this time around I wanted to focus on the art classes that I teach. If you know anyone who may benefit from any of these classes, please click on the sharing buttons at the bottom of this page! Thanks!


I need to get back in gear and hold more of these classes. I also need to get the ADVANCED KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP ready to go, which is something that was put aside due to everything else. Sorry about that parents of kids who’ve already taken this! Join my NEWSLETTER and you will be first to hear about when the class will take place!

Also if you are part of any organization with children and want a unique event, I can teach my one hour intro KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP to them! Please CONTACT me!

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