One year anniversary teaching and exciting announcement for 2017!

By ToddSunday - October 23rd, 2016Categories: News

First photo of Todd teachingThis month marks my one year anniversary teaching 8-12 year old kids on how to make their own comics. Besides the KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP that started it all, I also now teach a HOW TO DRAW MONSTERS class, After School classes, Homeschool classes, and I help Girl Scouts earn their “Drawing” and “Comic Artist” badges. I have a lot of plates spinning right now and I hope to get more traction with the coming year! I’ve managed to turn this into a semi-part time job, but I can always do more and WANT to do more!
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Whole barrel of updates – Art class related

By ToddSaturday - October 1st, 2016Categories: News

In my previous Artwork Related post, I went over all the current art projects that have taken up my time lately, but this time around I wanted to focus on the art classes that I teach. If you know anyone who may benefit from any of these classes, please click on the sharing buttons at the bottom of this page! Thanks!


I need to get back in gear and hold more of these classes. I also need to get the ADVANCED KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP ready to go, which is something that was put aside due to everything else. Sorry about that parents of kids who’ve already taken this! Join my NEWSLETTER and you will be first to hear about when the class will take place!

Also if you are part of any organization with children and want a unique event, I can teach my one hour intro KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP to them! Please CONTACT me!

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Whole barrel of updates – Artwork related

By ToddFriday - September 30th, 2016Categories: News

Hey everyone, it’s been almost two months since my last post, and I wanted to give an update on what’s been going on with my art and classes during that time. I have a lot of plates spinning in the air right now! This is a two part post, the first part will be about my art.

Normlings Issue 2 cover THE NORMLINGS – ISSUE 2
The vast majority of my time these past two months has been taken up working on issue 2 of THE NORMLINGS, and I’m happy to say it is now finished and ready for the printer! I don’t know when it will ready to sell as I have to do the next thing first…
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142 Frik’in Cosplay Drawings Finished!

By ToddSaturday - August 6th, 2016Categories: News

142 Frik in Cosplay Drawings Finished!MY FRIK DRAWINGS ARE COMPLETE!
It took me 41 days to complete 142 Frik’in Cosplay drawings from start to finish, and I only had to put my hand on ice twice in that period of time. My goal was to get it done before end of October, and I managed to blow it out of the water because I set aside every other facet of my life in order to pull this off. Now I just need all of you to buy these from me at Geekinomicon and it’ll be all worthwhile! (or hell, buy them now, I don’t mind.)

In other news, apparently because I like self abuse so much, I am seriously considering having THE NORMLINGS Issue #2 finished and printed in time for this convention. All of the scripts have already been written for it, so I’m 1/3rd the way done. Haven’t bought Issue #1 yet? BUY IT NOW for $5+S/H!

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United we stand, divided we fall

By ToddFriday - July 8th, 2016Categories: News

I never make these kind of posts on my site, but this time I felt it was important.

Ever since waking up this morning and hearing the news about the Dallas shootings last night that killed five police officers at a peaceful protest, I had this feeling that I couldn’t shake. It was already there because of the two men who were recently gunned down by police that was definitely racially motivated, and the time before that when it hit much closer to my home in the St. Louis area. This time I simply couldn’t make a comment about it on social media and move on, that was not enough. I tried to work on other art projects but this really kept taking my focus. I spent several hours working on this because right here and now that was the best thing for my head space.
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