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By ToddSaturday - October 1st, 2016Categories: News

In my previous Artwork Related post, I went over all the current art projects that have taken up my time lately, but this time around I wanted to focus on the art classes that I teach. If you know anyone who may benefit from any of these classes, please click on the sharing buttons at the bottom of this page! Thanks!


I need to get back in gear and hold more of these classes. I also need to get the ADVANCED KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP ready to go, which is something that was put aside due to everything else. Sorry about that parents of kids who’ve already taken this! Join my NEWSLETTER and you will be first to hear about when the class will take place!

Also if you are part of any organization with children and want a unique event, I can teach my one hour intro KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP to them! Please CONTACT me!


(TWO WEEK CLASS – OCT 15 & 22, 2016)
I currently have a class lined up at The Novel Neighbor in Webster Groves, MO. It’s a two week course, October 15th and 22nd, from 10-11am each week. If you have a 7-12 year old, please SIGN UP for the class!

After School Classes

I’m currently looking for more Elementary schools in and around the Webster Groves area to hold my KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP and HOW TO DRAW MONSTERS classes! Do you know the PTO president of a school or another member on the PTO? Please CONTACT me with their name and email and school please. Thanks!

Homeschool Classes

I’m currently teaching a couple of homeschool classes but would love some more. If you know anyone who is a homeschool parent and they are looking for unique art classes for their children, please send them to my HOMESCHOOL CLASSES page!
Girlscout Comic Artist Badge

I teach the Junior “Drawing” badge and Cadette “Comic Artist” badge! If you know of any Girl Scout leaders, please send them to my GIRL SCOUT CLASSES page!
How To Draw Characters

ADVANCED KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP: This class continues with what the kids learn in the beginner KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP class, but in more…advanced..ways. This has been a long time coming, sorry for the wait everyone. I will get it done soon!

HOW TO DRAW CHARACTERS: Originally a part of my KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP class, I am going to take it and expand on it and make it it’s own two hour class! Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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