United we stand, divided we fall

By ToddFriday - July 8th, 2016Categories: News

I never make these kind of posts on my site, but this time I felt it was important.

Ever since waking up this morning and hearing the news about the Dallas shootings last night that killed five police officers at a peaceful protest, I had this feeling that I couldn’t shake. It was already there because of the two men who were recently gunned down by police that was definitely racially motivated, and the time before that when it hit much closer to my home in the St. Louis area. This time I simply couldn’t make a comment about it on social media and move on, that was not enough. I tried to work on other art projects but this really kept taking my focus. I spent several hours working on this because right here and now that was the best thing for my head space.

Not United, We Are Falling

I normally keep my art more light hearted or abstract when it comes to my feelings, but this time I HAD to say what I felt. Our country is being destroyed from within by us, Americans. Whether it’s racially motivated “eye for an eye” confrontations that will never end, to politicians who sabotage our children’s future’s to make a few million dollars from whatever lobbyist is currently in their pocket, to a clearly rigged election system that shows that our votes don’t actually count because the establishment will blatantly cheat to keep their people in office regardless of what the people want, to false crusades that serve nothing more than a smoke screen in an election cycle. A lot of little things have brought us to this moment, and there is no one size fits all fix for it.

Even on a more personal level, no one can agree to disagree anymore. You either accept their view or they’ll bludgeon you till you agree with them. This country is the most divided that I have ever seen and it saddens me that it’s come to this. We are divided politically as a nation and even more so in our own communities. Yes there’s external dangers that threaten our country, but we’re doing a far better job of destroying ourselves than any terrorist ever could.

This HAS to stop but I don’t think it will. Call me a pessimist but there’s nothing in recent years that’s shown me that this is going to improve. This is just the beginning of social unrest, regardless if that unrest is racially motivated or if it’s an angry public who want the establishment out of politics. We are witnessing the destruction of our country and there are no easy answers to fix it, and even if there were no one would agree on them anyway.

This is decades in the making and we are collectively reaping what our ancestors, and more recently, politicians have sown so many years ago. There was a time when we weren’t like this as a nation, and there’s a chance it may never return, even in my son’s life time. I fear that with the sewage that is the 2016 election looming ever closer to us, this is all going to be just the tip of the iceberg. Brace yourselves, and in the immortal words of Bill and Ted, “Be excellent to each other!”

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