The year ahead, conventions, the holidays, and you.

By ToddThursday - December 1st, 2016Categories: News

Happy Holidays

As the year draws to a close and I reflect back on everything I’ve done this year, I realize I’m exhausted, lol. Not only have my ART CLASSES more or less taken off where it’s become a semi-part time job (which includes homeschool, after school and Girl Scout badges), but I’ve also cranked out two issues of my newest comic, THE NORMLINGS, reformatted HOLES IN IT to be a vertical comic, and slowly worked on the FRIK Anthology book. (sorry for that one, it’s taking longer than I want.)

I bet you’re asking, “Todd, what’s to be expected for the upcoming year?” and my first response would be, “How did you get in my house?”, but after I calmed down and called the cops, I would add that my upcoming class schedule will be more consistent and several classes will be scheduled at once, allowing you to pick the one that works best for your schedule. No more, “Ugh my kid wants to take your class but they’re in FILLINTHEBLANKSPORT at that time!”

Having a consistent schedule is something I didn’t handle well in 2016, but now that I turned THE NOVEL NEIGHBOR bookstore in Webster Groves, MO into my home base of sorts, hopefully this will give me more momentum and I’ll be able to get more sign ups as a result of it. I already have two KIDS COMIC WORKSHOPS scheduled for January, but also check out my EVENTS page for other upcoming classes. You can also go to the individual class page to see results for just that class!

Speaking of classes…

I have two that are happening very soon. DEC.11th: HOW TO DRAW STAR WARS CHARACTERS, and Dec.18th: HOW TO DRAW MY LITTLE PONY CHARACTERS. Both are ages 8-11 and are one day / one hour classes. $10 per child. Sign up soon because seating is limited!

Happy Holidays 2016
Any resemblance to this character and the current election
cycle is purely coincidental. This character was created almost a year ago.

Secondly, comic conventions….

I was only able to be at ONE convention this entire year, and that was after not having any at all in 2015. Next year I’m blowing the doors open and hitting a lot more in the midwest area, and some will be in places I’ve never tried before. Here is what I have confirmed for 2017 so far…

Cowan Civic Center, Lebanon, MO.

CAPE-CON (April 22-23)
Osage Centre, Cape Girardeau, MO.

ST. LOUIS COMIC CON (June 17-18)
St. Charles Convention Center, St. Charles, MO.

I am also considering DODECACON in Columbia, MO and ARCHON in Collinsville, IL, both in September, but these are not confirmed! Stay tuned and sign up to my NEWSLETTER for future updates!

And lastly…

Still looking for gifts for Christmas? Why not visit my SQUARE STORE and see what I have? Thank you for considering supporting Indie Art!

And lastly after the last lastly…

A HUGE thank you to everyone who signed their kid up to one of my classes this year!!!! I really appreciate it and hope you come back for more and tell all your friends, family, and random stranger walking down the sidewalk!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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