Thank you St. Louis Comic Con!

By ToddMonday - June 20th, 2016Categories: News

Todds Convention Table SetupI want to thank everyone who stopped by my table at the St. Louis Comic Con this weekend. For a first time convention they did great and there was a good sized crowd throughout the weekend despite the fact the convention is on the northwest outskirts of St. Louis. This has been an odd convention on many levels for me.

Going into any con, you can never predict what will sell or what won’t because it’s random from one con to the next. There are no patterns at all. This is why I have a diverse set of merch because there will always be something for everyone just in case and then I’m covered.

My biggest sellers, my Demotivational posters and Frik’in Cosplay drawings, barely sold at all. My HOLES IN IT comic, which barely sells, I -almost- sold out of on day one. The Frik’in Cosplay drawings that did sell are ones that -never- sell, so I had no back ups of them and had to draw more of them after I came home on Saturday night so they were ready by Sunday. It’s weird how this all works but in the end I am very happy with the amount I sold.

This is also the first convention where I had a handful of people come to my table because they loved my previous work and wanted to buy the next thing I did. They bought my comics at past conventions and were looking out for my table this time around because they liked what I created.

This is the first acknowledgement that I have a following out there, even if the fans are incredibly quiet about it. (Not including friends and family.) I feel like I’m always talking to a void and never get any response back from the public, whether it’s on social media or on my website here. It’s disheartening to me that I can’t get people to engage with me on what I do when other comic artists have it easy and people willingly leave comments or talk to the artist on a day to day basis.

I guess my art is a guilty little pleasure for people and responding back to my posts would remove that invisibility cloak from them. Anyway, I didn’t want this to be a “woe is me” post, but I’m just saying it was a nice change of pace to know that people like what I do and are seeking out my table to buy the next thing I do because of it. Now if I can just make them more vocal online about it…

Check out my INSTAGRAM feed to see photos I took during the convention! Thanks for reading!

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