Thank you Cape-Con!

By ToddSunday - April 23rd, 2017Categories: News

THANK YOU everyone at Cape-Con who stopped by my table and bought things! I really appreciate it! Here’s a couple of interesting things from the weekend…

Todd's CapeCon table

1) How many dead armadillos did I see on the highway between St. Louis and Cape Girardeau on the way there and back? The answer is 34. Yes, 34 dead armadillos. Also one boot, and countless miscellaneous corpses I couldn’t identify. Driving games are fun!

2) First time ever, I was asked to be on a panel about comics. Unfortunately, since I always do conventions by myself, I had no one to stay and watch my table while I would do it, so I had to decline. Sometimes being a solo artist at a table is a disadvantage.

3) Sales for day one were probably the worst I’ve ever experienced at any con, but day two made up for it and I know I paid off my table fee, which is always a goal of mine with these conventions. Doing original work is sometimes a strike against me because most people going to cons want to buy mainstream stuff from DC or Marvel, not indie artists.

4) A big thank you to my across the aisle neighbor, Matthew Miller, for his awesome take on my comic character, FRIK. (see top right of photo) Check out his work at to see other things he’s created!

5) Speaking of neighbors, this is the first convention ever where I sat next to two other left handed people. Three lefties in a row. What are the odds?

6) What did I do the entire weekend behind the table? I sketched out thumbnail pages for my comic, THE NORMLINGS issue #3. (see top left of photo.) I didn’t get as many done as I hoped, but I knocked out probably a third of them.

7) The number of times people (who didn’t buy anything and were just drive bys) said that my artwork was “cute”; Six.

8) Highlight of the weekend was two guys walking down my aisle from one direction, and one other coming from the other way. One of the two was dressed as a Sith I believe and had something that looked like Kylo Ren’s lightsaber. The single guy from the other way was dressed normally, carried a lot of things, and held a collapsible toy lightsaber.

As they walked towards each other, the single guy said something along the lines of “I suppose this means we need to fight” and extended his lightsaber out. The other guy gave him an odd look and simply said “Uh, no” and immediately the single guy said “Ok” and they passed each other without missing a beat. The entire exchange lasted 3 seconds and they never once stopped walking. It was priceless.

9) The highest selling Frik’in Cosplay drawing this weekend was Frik as an Ewok. Number two seller was Frik as Wonder Woman.

10) On Friday I taught a couple of Homeschool art classes and one Girl Scout badge class while I was down there. At the convention I was visited by the Girl Scout leader and her family on Saturday and two of the homeschool kids on Sunday. Thanks for stopping by!

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