By ToddMonday - April 9th, 2018Categories: News

I wanted to give everyone a quick update. This site has been with me for quite a while now, and as such there are a million “under the hood” things that I’ve tweaked over the years. Back in the day this was fine, but as time went on it turned a little clunky. In the next few weeks I’ll be working on a couple things…

1) Changing the WP theme to something “responsive.” On the surface, desktop users will see virtually no change, but the mobile/tablet users will have a better experience.

2) This next one is the big one. This new theme is also WooCommerce friendly, which means I’ll be able to hook up my SQUARE STORE directly -into- my site. No more having to exit my site to go over to the store to buy things. This will (hopefully) be even more beneficial to parents signing their kids up for my ART CLASSES!

I don’t have a timeline when this will start, but I do ask for your patience if you come here and things don’t look right. There are many things I will need to tweak to fit with the new theme, so it’ll be a process to get everything to look good. Thanks everyone!