By ToddThursday - August 3rd, 2017Categories: News

Years ago if you had told me that I would dive back into my first comic, FRIK, I would have nervously laughed and shrugged indifferently. Well…

The primary goal of my ADVANCED KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP I’ll be teaching in the fall around the St Louis area is for the kids to make their own six page mini comic book, and I need to be able to show them a finished example so they can see it in practice.

I decided making a one off FRIK comic was the best approach to this. Will this story tie into the previous FRIK books? You’ll find out later when I share it with people who joined my newsletter! It also may end up being for sale at comic conventions too!

Here’s a rough sketch of page one and the front cover…

Sketches of upcoming Frik mini comic book
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