142 Frik’in Cosplay Drawings Finished!

By ToddSaturday - August 6th, 2016Categories: News

142 Frik in Cosplay Drawings Finished!MY FRIK DRAWINGS ARE COMPLETE!
It took me 41 days to complete 142 Frik’in Cosplay drawings from start to finish, and I only had to put my hand on ice twice in that period of time. My goal was to get it done before end of October, and I managed to blow it out of the water because I set aside every other facet of my life in order to pull this off. Now I just need all of you to buy these from me at Geekinomicon and it’ll be all worthwhile! (or hell, buy them now, I don’t mind.)

In other news, apparently because I like self abuse so much, I am seriously considering having THE NORMLINGS Issue #2 finished and printed in time for this convention. All of the scripts have already been written for it, so I’m 1/3rd the way done. Haven’t bought Issue #1 yet? BUY IT NOW for $5+S/H!

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