Episode #30 – April 14, 2014

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Holes In It Comic - Episode 30 - By Todd Tevlin


Thank You Planet Comicon!

By Todd TevlinMonday - March 17th, 2014Categories: news

I want to thank everyone who stopped by my table to check out my artwork. I really appreciate it! I did very well and I’m happy with the outcome, except for the fact that my new comic, HOLES IN IT, barely sold at all. (as in, just 2 books sold.) I think it had something to do with my sales pitch, so I will need to retool it and see what happens at the next convention. My other comic, FRIK, sold very well, however! I’ll eventually post some photos but wanted to give a few highlights of the weekend:
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HOLES IN IT now for sale!

By Todd TevlinMonday - March 10th, 2014Categories: news

Holes In It: Pretending We're Normal Cover

That’s right! Get in on the action and find out what happens to Kyle and his Dad before the rest of the internet does!

This 44 page B&W comic is a comedy about an artist father who has to deal with his quirky son. Many episodes are based on real life events in Todd’s life dealing with his own son, and episodes are marked with a “T” (True) or “PT” (Partly True) to let you know.

BONUS MATERIAL: Comes with a two page never seen before bonus episode and a description page in the back of the book that explains each episode that was based on a true or partly true event.

Buy it on my Square Marketplace store for just $8 plus S/H!
HOLES IN IT: Pretending We’re Normal Comic Book

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I write words…on Making Comics!

By Todd TevlinTuesday - February 25th, 2014Categories: news

I’ve been writing “how to make comics” articles since August ’13 and publishing them on my site for my other comic, Frik’in Hell. I have 19 articles so far with the possibility for more to come. End of last year I was contacted by a group who run a site called “Making Comics“, and asked if I would contribute my articles to their site as well. Their goal is to make this site a wiki for comic making, covering all topics possible with articles written by several different people in “the industry.”

I am very honored to be asked because I’ve been following the happenings of the man in charge, Patrick Yurick , for some time now. He has a studio out in San Diego where he runs “teaching comics to kids” classes and other various things he does online. He really wants to use comics as an educational tool and I have great respect for what he’s done so far.

That being said, I’ve had to “up my game” so to speak and go through a process of rewriting what I’ve created to meet the higher standards set forth by his site. (translation: I now have to deal with copy editors) My 2nd article just published on their site, and it’s a much better read than how it was the first time around. Go check it out as well as the rest of the site!

Making Comics: How To Write An Outline For Your Comic

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Come see me at Planet ComicCon, March 14-16, 2014!

By Todd TevlinSaturday - December 14th, 2013Categories: news

I’ll have a table at the next PLANET COMICCON on March 14-16, 2014! Hope to see you there!

301 W. 13th St.
Kansas City, MO 64105

Fri: 12-7pm
Sat: 10am-7pm
Sun: 10am-5pm

Also don’t forget to check out the APPEARANCES page to see other places I’ll be promoting my comics at!

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Come see me at SoKomics in Bowling Green, KY!

By Todd TevlinWednesday - December 11th, 2013Categories: news

On April 19th, 2014, I’ll be at the 1st ever SOKOMICS EXPO in Bowling Green, Kentucky! It will be my first time promoting my comics in Kentucky, so please be gentle!

654 Campbell Lane
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101

CONVENTION HOURS: 12pm – 8pm (it’s a one day event!)

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First con of 2014 booked! KAWA KON! (Location Change!)

By Todd TevlinFriday - November 8th, 2013Categories: news

The location has changed to the Marriott by the airport!

February 7-9, 2014

10700 Pear Tree Lane
St Louis, Missouri 63134


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HOLES IN IT gets its first mention…

By Todd TevlinMonday - October 21st, 2013Categories: news, press

An article was released today on Black Arrow Workshop about St. Louis webcomic artists, and HOLES IN IT has been one of the ones selected in a fine list of very talented comic artists! I’m very thankful for being included in such a great list! If you want to see comics from other St. Louis area comic artists, then check out this list! One of my favorites is “Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life”, which I’ve been following for about a year now. I didn’t realize til recently that he was a local comic artist as well.

Go take a gander!
Webcomics From The Gateway To The West

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By Todd TevlinFriday - October 4th, 2013Categories: news

Come see me today and tomorrow at Archon in Collinsville, Illinois! I’ll be selling my Frik comic and showing off my brand new comic, HOLES IN IT. The Artist Alley area is FREE to the public! You do not have to buy a ticket to the con to see me! This may be my last showing of 2013, so hope to see you there!

#1 Gateway Center Drive
Collinsville, IL. 62234

CONVENTION HOURS: Starts 5pm Friday and ends Noon on Sunday. (Yes, a whole weekend straight through!)

MY HOURS: Today 5pm-9pm and Saturday, 9am-9pm.


The Debut Of HOLES IN IT!

By Todd TevlinMonday - September 23rd, 2013Categories: news

Today is the day! Months ago, when Frik’in Hell (10+), my other comic, had volume 3 released in print, I mentioned I was going to put that one on hiatus to work on a brand new comic about an artist father and his quirky son. Finally the day has come and the comic is now live!

This will be a weekly comic, released every Monday as a short run on here. There will only be five episodes on the website at any one time, so check back often if you want to follow what happens! In the end I will also be releasing this comic in print so I can sell it at comic conventions along side Frik.

This past weekend I participated at Project Comic Con, in St. Louis, Missouri. This was the first major publicity push for HOLES IN IT, and I must say the reception was quite good, which is encouraging! I hope you enjoy this and pass it on to all your friends. Thank you for reading!

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