Girl Scout Drawing Badge

4th to 5th grade
Junior Girl Scouts

or leaders of said Girl Scouts
or even the parents!

Have you ever wanted to learn how different mediums affect your art? Want to know more about shading? Want a little Perspective on things? Want to learn from an actual artist who has been drawing for decades? If so, then you’re in luck, because that’s what I do!

Girl Scout Drawing Badge


Todd Pic In Class My name is Todd Tevlin and I’ve been an artist since I was eight years old and studied many mediums, but for the past ten years I’ve focused on mixed media digital abstract art and I’ve been a comic artist since 2009 selling my work at comic conventions around the midwest.


In 2015 I started teaching my KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP to 8-12 year olds around the St. Louis, MO area. I teach this course independently, but I’ve also taught it as an after school program for a couple of elementary schools around town and to the homeschooling community.

KCW Class Pic


Kid Drawing Closeup This one hour class will teach Girl Scouts about different artistic mediums, how to shade using various techniques, understanding perspective and a fun cartoon at the end.


What I teach will meet these badge requirements to earn the

Drawing Badge

Drawing Badge CloseupStep One: (Choice 3) Mix and Match
Step Two: (Choice 2) Use hatching & cross hatching to shade a face drawing
Step Three: (Choice 1) Draw an outdoor scene
Step Four: (Choice 2) Draw a cartoon
Step Five: *is not part of this course as it’s about displaying their art
NOTE: The badge requirements actually take more than one hour to complete. Steps ONE and possibly THREE will require extra time outside of this class. I will get them to a place where they can do this on their own without any assistance later, that way your costs to earn this badge are lower.


STL Map I have a flexible schedule and can teach this at your next Girl Scout meeting anywhere in the St. Louis area. This one hour course is $8.00 per Girl Scout and includes all art supplies for the event. I accept Credit Cards and Cash. No checks please.


! P L E A S E   N O T E !
If you are within the GREEN circle, there needs to be a minimum of THREE Girl Scouts attending in order for the event to take place. If you are located in the YELLOW circle, a minimum of FIVE Girl Scouts are needed, and there will be an additional $10 charge due to distance traveled. If you are located in the RED circle, a minimum of TEN Girl Scouts are needed, and there will be an additional $20 charge due to distance traveled. Anything outside of these circles is too far for me to travel to, sorry!

Troop not big enough? Team up with another local troop around you and I’ll teach them all at once!


For more information or to sign up your Girl Scouts to earn this Badge, please fill out the form below! Thank you! If you have questions, please CONTACT me! Go HERE if you want to see what other badges I teach.

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