Girl Scout Junior Digital Photography Badge

4th to 5th grade
Junior Girl Scouts

or leaders of said Girl Scouts
or even the parents!

Thanks to technology, you always have a camera in your pocket, a cell phone! Knowing how to use it properly, however, is another matter entirely. This class will make you a better photographer with just a few simple steps, regardless if you use a cellphone or traditional camera!

Girl Scout Digi Photography Badge


Todd Pic In Class My name is Todd Tevlin and not only am I an artist, I have also been a photographer since I was a teenager, back when this thing called “film” existed and you had to know every little setting to get a proper exposure. Kids these days, don’t know how good they have it! *waves cane*


In 2015 I started teaching my KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP to 8-12 year olds around the St. Louis, MO area. Since that time I have added several more, including After School classes, Homeschool classes and Girl Scout badges, with the goal to turn it all into a career.

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Girl Scout Photo Badge #1

Girl Scout Photo Badge #4

Girl Scout Photo Badge #2

This ONE hour class primarily focuses on cell phone photography, but if someone wants to bring a traditional camera, that is perfectly fine! A lot of what is taught will crossover. Things taught include the fundamentals of photography, like how to properly frame a shot and understanding the types of shots available, how to use lighting, and various tricks and camera settings.

PLEASE NOTE: This class requires everyone to bring a camera of some kind because part of the badge requirements is that they have to shoot a lot of photos with it. If a scout doesn’t have a cell phone of their own, they can (probably) borrow their parents phone or camera for the class.

ALSO: Part of the badge requirements is that they edit their photos. I have found a free editing app for Android / iOS that everyone will need to download on their cell phone prior to class. It’s easier to teach editing if everyone is using the same software. Once you sign up I will send you a link with this information.

LASTLY: There WILL be homework with this badge and the Girl scouts will have to print out their photos. I will do my best to teach them the basics and set them down the right path, but for the last two steps of the badge they will have to finish it without my help.


What I teach will meet these badge requirements to earn the

Digital Photography Badge


Step One: (Choice 1) Interview a local photographer (that’s me!)
Step Two: (Choice 1 & 3) Photograph a friend or group of friends, photograph a landscape.
Step Three: (Choice 1,2 & 3) Fix something, change something, add something.
Step Four: (Choice 1) Create a collage (HOMEWORK)
Step Five: (Choice 2) Stage an art show (NEXT MEETING using Step Four Collage)


STL Map I have a flexible schedule and can teach this at your next Girl Scout meeting anywhere in the St. Louis area. This ONE hour course is $8.00 per Girl Scout and includes all supplies for the event. I accept Credit Cards and Cash. No checks please.


! P L E A S E   N O T E !
If you are within the GREEN circle, there needs to be a minimum of THREE Girl Scouts attending in order for the event to take place. If you are located in the YELLOW circle, a minimum of FIVE Girl Scouts are needed, and there will be an additional $10 charge due to distance traveled. If you are located in the RED circle, a minimum of TEN Girl Scouts are needed, and there will be an additional $20 charge due to distance traveled. Anything outside of these circles is too far for me to travel to, sorry!

Troop not big enough? Team up with another local troop around you and I’ll teach them all at once!


For more information or to sign up your Girl Scouts to earn this Badge, please fill out the form below! Thank you! If you have questions, please CONTACT me! Go HERE if you want to see what other badges I teach.

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