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Spring 2018 Schedule COMING SOON

By ToddSunday - November 19th, 2017Categories: News

A couple of parents have asked me what my Spring 2018 schedule will be for my children’s art classes in St. Louis. I’m in the process of locking down my schedule with the book store, so I will post it as soon as I get it as well as in my newsletter! Sorry for the delay!

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NEW Artwork: Misery Of Perception

By ToddTuesday - October 31st, 2017Categories: News

To celebrate the coincidence that I’m releasing this on the same day as Halloween, here is probably one of the grimmest pieces I’ve made in a while, titled, “Misery Of Perception.” Feels wrong of me to release this on the heels of my last two pieces about Genesis and the flood, but over the weekend my head was not in a good place and needed to vent things out a little through art….so…enjoy?

New Art: Misery Of Perception
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NEW Artwork: Never Again

By ToddSunday - October 29th, 2017Categories: News

As promised, this is the piece I submitted for the Genesis Flood series at church that was accepted for the exhibit. This one along with four others are on display at each of the campuses for the next couple of weeks. I had a chance to see it last night and the exhibit was excellent. I was surprised that there were only five pieces total, so they must have asked individual artists to do this and not an email “call to art” blast like I initially thought.

This is “Never Again”, and takes place right after the flood starts to lower. CHECK OUT my other mixed media digital abstract art.

New Art: Never Again
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NEW Artwork: The Regret

By ToddThursday - October 26th, 2017Categories: News

A couple weeks ago I submitted two pieces of my mixed media digital abstract art for a special exhibit at my church that ties into their current series on Genesis and the Flood. Only one of the two I submitted made it through and will be on display this weekend at all three campuses.

THIS one is the one that did not make it, to my surprise. I actually thought this was the stronger of the two pieces, but they said it didn’t match the theme/mood of all the other pieces submitted by other artists, so I get it. I’ll post the other one in a few days.

This is “The Regret”, and takes place as the flood is happening. Interested in buying this print? CONTACT me! I can print it in several sizes to fit what you need.

Art: The Regret
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Did you see my art on channel 2?

By ToddWednesday - October 4th, 2017Categories: News

In case you missed channel 2 news this morning in St. Louis, here’s a snapshot of them talking about the OLD WEBSTER ARTWALK that starts this Friday. You can see two of my pieces on display here, the bottom left behind their tag and right of center behind the flamingo painting.

The highlight for me was the lady on the far left called my style of artwork “Trippy Cosmic”, which naturally means I HAVE to use that title for an upcoming piece somehow. In the 11 years I’ve been creating digital mixed media abstract artwork, no one has ever called my work “Trippy Cosmic” before, but I love it.

I hope to post the actual video when they put it on their site, so stay tuned. Also don’t forget to check out my work OCT 6-15th at YUCANDU art studio in Old Webster!

EDIT: Here’s the 4 minute VIDEO!

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