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NORMLINGS issue 3 thumbnails are done!

By ToddSunday - June 25th, 2017Categories: News
Normlings 3 thumbnails are done!

A lot of external forces were at play to drag this out as long as possible, but as of last night I am finally finished sketching out the thumbnail pages for my comic, NORMLINGS issue #3!

What will be happening in issue #3 you ask? Well, let’s just say this is where certain brown stuff hits the fan and in the process, will make my life as an artist more difficult. Soon, I will look back at issue #1’s simplicity with fondness, because it only gets more complicated from here on out.

Stay tuned on the next step!
What exactly is THE NORMLINGS?

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Check out my neighbors from the STLCC!

By ToddTuesday - June 20th, 2017Categories: News

Hey all, I want you to check out the artwork of my neighbors that I sat next to or across from at the ST. LOUIS COMIC CON this past weekend. Each one does amazing work, so give them some love! Click on each image for a bigger view.

(promotes herself as SIMPLY KITTS)


(promotes himself as ILH STUDIOS)





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By ToddSunday - June 18th, 2017Categories: News

THANK YOU everyone who stopped by my table and bought my art at the ST. LOUIS COMIC CON (or Mighty Con St. Louis, depending on which confused individual you are talking to.) I am incredibly beat after a packed weekend sitting behind a table doing nothing but talking. You would think that that wouldn’t wear someone out but, here we are…

Here are some highlights of the weekend along with some photos I’ve taken! Hover over image to freeze the slideshow.
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3 New Children Art Classes in Fall!

By ToddFriday - June 9th, 2017Categories: News
I will have THREE NEW children’s art classes in the fall and will post the schedule in the next couple of days!
3 New art classes in fall!

Along with these new classes I will also teach my KIDS COMIC WORKSHOPs for Juniors (6-7yro) and Beginners (8-11yro), HOW TO DRAW POKEMON (ages 7-11), HOW TO DRAW MONSTERS (ages 7-11), and HOW TO DRAW STAR WARS (ages 8-11) classes! Visit my CLASS page for more info!

Sign up to my NEWSLETTER and find out first when these classes will take place! All will be at the Novel Neighbor bookstore in Webster Groves MO. ALSO I hope to have a new Girl Scout Cadette Digital Movie Maker badge class ready by then as well! Find out about my other Girl Scout classes HERE.

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By ToddSaturday - May 27th, 2017Categories: News
GUESS WHAT IS HERE?! FRIK: The Complete Series!
Frik Anthology Is Here!

I’ll have this for sale at the St. Louis Comic Con in St. Charles MO on June 17-18! I need to get it in my SQUARE STORE as well, but not sure when that will happen, hopefully in the next week or two from this post. Sign up to my NEWSLETTER as I’ll announce it there first when the time comes!

ALSO if you’ve already bought the original first three volumes of the comic, either bring them to the convention or take a pic of you holding them, and I’ll give you a huge discount on this one so you aren’t paying for the same content twice! Remember this one has Volume 4 in it, which has never been printed before!


  • The entire series spanning five years and four volumes.
  • Character concept art and other sketches.
  • Did you know facts, changes from script to final, trivia, commentary, and more useless information!
  • Each copy signed by the artist.
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