I was four years old in preschool coloring the sky purple in my Snoopy coloring book, when a narrow minded teacher told me that I chose the wrong color because, “…the sky isn’t purple, it’s blue.” That stuck with me all through life. Why must I restrict my art to what I see around me in real life? That one statement made me the artist I am today.

That teacher planted the seed, but it didn’t sprout till I was seven and watched the “Star Wars Christmas Special” (1978) on TV. I knew right there that I had to start drawing everything Star Wars… a lot… you know, to suppress memories of watching that horrible show as well as to quell future rage against George Lucas for destroying the franchise 21 years later. (You know, sometimes it’s good to work up your rage early, you may never know when you’ll need it.)

From that moment I lived and breathed art. A couple years later I started winning awards and was the youngest person to be admitted into continuing education art classes at the local college. I eventually attended art college for a short time but had to drop out because of financial reasons. This didn’t deter me and after several years I taught myself how to become a graphic and web designer and made a small career out of it before the IT bubble burst in the early 2000s.

In 2006, I focused on abstract digital mixed media art as well as photography, and even had some of my art in a handful of galleries around the country. In 2010, I created my first comic book, FRIK, about a medieval warrior who has to work in a medieval fast food restaurant. In 2013 I created my next comic, HOLES IN IT, a story about an artist dad and his autistic son. (Inspired by many events in my life.)

In 2015 I developed a KIDS COMIC WORKSHOP that is designed to teach kids how to make comics and teach it around town as well as after school classes and to the homeschooling community. In 2016 I released my third comic called THE NORMLINGS, and is in print and shown online. My first two comics are in print now and are sold online and at comic conventions around the Midwest.

While all this is going on, I’m married with one son and living in the St. Louis, Missouri, area.