142 Frik’in Cosplay Drawings Finished!

By ToddSaturday - August 6th, 2016Categories: News

142 Frik in Cosplay Drawings Finished!MY FRIK DRAWINGS ARE COMPLETE!
It took me 41 days to complete 142 Frik’in Cosplay drawings from start to finish, and I only had to put my hand on ice twice in that period of time. My goal was to get it done before end of October, and I managed to blow it out of the water because I set aside every other facet of my life in order to pull this off. Now I just need all of you to buy these from me at Geekinomicon and it’ll be all worthwhile! (or hell, buy them now, I don’t mind.)

In other news, apparently because I like self abuse so much, I am seriously considering having THE NORMLINGS Issue #2 finished and printed in time for this convention. All of the scripts have already been written for it, so I’m 1/3rd the way done. Haven’t bought Issue #1 yet? BUY IT NOW for $5+S/H!

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United we stand, divided we fall

By ToddFriday - July 8th, 2016Categories: News

I never make these kind of posts on my site, but this time I felt it was important.

Ever since waking up this morning and hearing the news about the Dallas shootings last night that killed five police officers at a peaceful protest, I had this feeling that I couldn’t shake. It was already there because of the two men who were recently gunned down by police that was definitely racially motivated, and the time before that when it hit much closer to my home in the St. Louis area. This time I simply couldn’t make a comment about it on social media and move on, that was not enough. I tried to work on other art projects but this really kept taking my focus. I spent several hours working on this because right here and now that was the best thing for my head space.
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138 Frik’in Cosplay Drawings later…

By ToddSunday - July 3rd, 2016Categories: News

138 Frik in cosplay drawingsI had a table at the first Wizcon that came to St. Louis in 2013. It was rewarding on many levels but due to the high table fee, I still ended up being $100 in the hole after the event. Overall I was selling merchandise faster than I could replace them, one of which was my “Frik’in Cosplay” drawings.

These hand drawn original pieces of art are one of my best sellers at conventions. What they are is a drawing of my main character from my FRIK comic and I throw an embarrassing cosplay outfit on him and he responds to it. He’s a surly type so his responses are usually bitter and sarcastic.
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Thank you St. Louis Comic Con!

By ToddMonday - June 20th, 2016Categories: News

Todds Convention Table SetupI want to thank everyone who stopped by my table at the St. Louis Comic Con this weekend. For a first time convention they did great and there was a good sized crowd throughout the weekend despite the fact the convention is on the northwest outskirts of St. Louis. This has been an odd convention on many levels for me.

Going into any con, you can never predict what will sell or what won’t because it’s random from one con to the next. There are no patterns at all. This is why I have a diverse set of merch because there will always be something for everyone just in case and then I’m covered.
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St. Louis Comic Con is TOMORROW!

By ToddFriday - June 17th, 2016Categories: News

St. Louis Comic Con table layoutYou can find me at table #134 at the ST. LOUIS COMIC CON in St. Charles MO starting TOMORROW at 10am! Besides debuting my brand new comic book, THE NORMLINGS, I am also selling five brand new Frik’in Cosplay drawings and a HUGE blow out sale on all of my Frik comics. I need to get rid of them so I have the money to print the anthology book which will include Volume 4 of the series! Bring the kids and stop by and say hi and support indie artists! Thank you and hope to see you there!

Also check out my INSTAGRAM feed where I will be posting photos from the convention as it happens!

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