St. Louis Public Library Comic Con in one month!

By ToddThursday - June 25th, 2015Categories: News

The St. Louis Public Library does a cool thing every year where they have a mini-comic convention using local artists and it’s FREE TO ATTEND! It is also kid friendly! If you always wanted to stop by my table to check out my work but didn’t want to pay the entrance fee to do so, now’s your chance! Did I say the event is FREE?!

It’s from 10am to 4pm on JULY 25th and is located at the downtown “Central” branch on Olive St. Visit my APPEARANCES page for a map to the event!

I hope to see you all there. You have no excuse to miss this! (unless you live out of town, then I’ll let it slide…this time.)

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Process of Frik ebooks slow to start

By ToddMonday - June 8th, 2015Categories: News

For a few days now I’ve been preparing my Frik comic for ebooks. Because people will be able to zoom in on their phone or tablet and get really tight on the details, I noticed that since I was still learning the ropes with my volume one, that most of it is incredibly sloppy work. In print you don’t notice this so much, but if you zoom in you absolutely will see the flaws.

One of the wonderful things about creating a digital comic is that I can go back and fix these flaws now that I’m better at the craft, but on the other hand, because I CAN go back and fix them I HAVE to fix them because I’m OCD enough about my work where it’s just something that has to be done without question.

This means, at least to start, this is going to be a very slow process converting this over. Oy.

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Frik is dead, long live Frik!

By ToddMonday - May 18th, 2015Categories: News

Five years and 100 episodes later marks the end of FRIK, and today is the last episode. It’s hard to believe I’ve been working on this for five years. It feels like yesterday when the idea solidified in my noggin and just a few months later it was online. I can’t say it was a whirlwind, but more like a steady race to the finish line throughout its run.

Frik original concept art 2010
I am proud of this comic for multiple reasons. For one, FRIK is the first comic I created since I was a teenager. It’s also something that I could truly call my own. Anything I made as a teen was a crappy knockoff of some 1980s cartoon. FRIK is also better than anything I could come up with artistically back then.
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Still working on site

By ToddThursday - May 7th, 2015Categories: News

In a few weeks my FRIK site will be going away as the comic is coming to an end. In the meantime I’ve been moving content over from there to here so I don’t lose it. You may find that this site evolves a little bit over the course of the next couple of weeks. Also the Theme change caused a couple of things to break, so I’ll be fixing those as well.

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Website update soon (as in now)

By ToddThursday - April 30th, 2015Categories: News

I am extremely picky when it comes to what WordPress theme I use. Being an artist and a designer can do that to you, and for the past week I’ve been trying to find a new theme. The problem is I hate everything I see out there. I picked this current theme because it didn’t look like all the other themes and stood out. There’s a very cookie cutter approach to a lot of the themes on the net, even ones you pay for. Heck, I probably spent a few days looking before I stumbled upon this one.

The problem is, I didn’t realize this theme is not search engine friendly. None of my posts get seen by search engines. Sadly, I didn’t know this till after using the theme for two years. As my Frik comic comes to an end, I am merging that site into this one in June. This means all my “how to” articles will transfer over here, and I don’t want them to get thrown into the abyss that is “unsearchable posts” land.

So expect a theme change in the next week or so. Most likely what I’ll end up doing is using the theme my comics use, with a few modifications. It’s simple and clean and does everything I need. It’s no where near as fancy as this current one, but I have no choice but to change it.

EDIT: The latest WP update that came out today actually killed my theme somehow. This means instead of the revised look happening in a couple of weeks, it happened today. Things will be a little messy for the next few days as I get this all sorted out, thanks!

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Don’t miss the last 5!

By ToddMonday - April 20th, 2015Categories: News

Today is a bittersweet day for me. I just completed episode #100 of my comic, Frik, and I’m happy and sad all at the same time. I still have a lot of work prepping everything for print, but as far as the creation part of this goes, it’s all over.

I hope you have been keeping up with the current episodes these last couple of months. There are only FIVE episodes left and that’s it! There will be no more new episodes after this. Hurry to the website to catch up on the latest before the new ones go live. Check back each Monday for the new ones!

I have been giving clues throughout the run of this latest volume that tells you what will happen in the final episode, so I hope you’ve been paying attention!

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Working on the last handful of Frik episodes…

By ToddWednesday - February 4th, 2015Categories: News

I’m working on the last handful of episodes for Frik Volume 4 and I am quite pleased with how I will end this comic. People who pay attention to the details will notice hints that lead up to the ending. Can’t wait to hear the responses to it, although given the history from the past 5 years that means barely anyone will respond, much less notice, lol.

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Frik Vol 4 Release Date!

By ToddTuesday - November 18th, 2014Categories: News

I am happy to announce that FRIK’IN HELL Volume 4 will be premiering on FRIK’S SITE in just under 2 weeks on December 1st, 2014! Here’s a promo video I made to get everyone up to speed with what happened in the previous volumes! Hope you like it, spent WAY too much time making it!!

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Update on my comic, Frik…

By ToddThursday - October 23rd, 2014Categories: News

Just an FYI for those paying attention to what I’ve been doing art wise. I’m around the half way point working on Volume 4 of Frik’In Hell. To be honest, of all the volumes, this one has been the hardest for me to find motivation to finish. The previous volumes have only garnered minor (if not non-existent) interest from people, so I’m having a difficult time with this one because I’m currently going through a case of “woe is me” and that no one will care about this one either.

I WILL finish it, because I never quit anything that I start, but it’s just taking longer than initially anticipated.

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“Fish Knight” Watercolor

By ToddMonday - October 13th, 2014Categories: News

When I made this site I wasn’t back into traditional artwork, but now that I am I am trying to figure out exactly where to place this stuff. For now, here is my newest painting. I’ll find a permanent home for them on the site soon. This is using the same process as the previous one.

Fish Knight by Todd Tevlin

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