PARENTS, I need your help!

By ToddThursday - May 26th, 2016Categories: News

Kids Comic Workshop LogoI am having trouble filling my current summer Kids Comic Workshops, which makes me think my class times/days don’t work for peoples schedules. I’m getting a lot of website traffic, but no one is signing, unfortunately.

For those who want their child to take my Kids Comic Workshop, PLEASE take this short 10 question survey so I can find out what the best days/times are to schedule a class so this doesn’t happen again.

This survey is only for the kids who have NOT taken my class before, but want to and cannot due to scheduling conflicts.
Thank you for doing this!!!!


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A problem every artist faces…

By ToddMonday - May 30th, 2016Categories: News

I normally don’t post things on my site like this, but I felt this one is important enough to share. Below is a link that perfectly illustrates the problem artists face when someone wants them to work for free.

I don’t know when or where this mental shift occurred, perhaps it has something to do with Arts funding being cut from schools over the last several decades and that has led to an under appreciation for the craft, but this country has a problem with artists and in particularly paying them for work. The vast majority look at artists as hobbyists and not someone who has a viable career, despite the massive amounts of time and money to get them to that point.

I think this feeling is worse now that we have the internet, because people just go online and save images off of some artist’s site and then uses them on their site or prints them out to hang it on their wall, and the artist doesn’t get one cent from it. People still want art, they just don’t take art seriously enough to want to pay for it.

It’s really frustrating to say the least! Please take a look at this!


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What IS The Normlings?

By ToddWednesday - May 25th, 2016Categories: News

The Normlings Cover for printMany of you may be wondering what my new comic is about, and this article will try to cover as much as possible without spoiling anything. Of all the comics I’ve created, this one is probably the hardest to nail down in terms of “what it is.” I can say it’s an experiment of sorts, something very fluid and ever changing.
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Ambitious plans update

By ToddTuesday - May 17th, 2016Categories: News

Just wanted to give a progress update on my Ambitious Plans that I announced last week with my new comic, THE NORMLINGS. Short answer is, I am on schedule! Yesterday I finished the first 22 pages of the comic and scanned everything in. Now I’m in the process of cleaning up those scans, replacing all the speech bubbles / text with a more readable digital equivalent, and getting everything formatted for print.

I have one week left for my deadline and I still have a lot to do. Not only do I have to go through every page and do the above, but I also have to design the cover pages and four additional interior pages with miscellaneous fun goodies. (don’t want to spoil it just yet, but you may need to grab your X-Ray Specs and bucket of sea monkeys for this one.)

As far as when this goes online? Not sure yet, but it’s close. My plan is once each print version page is finished, I’ll turn around and make the web friendly version as well. This will take some initial trial and error to get it the dimensions I want and still have them look good online. It’ll definitely happen within the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

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Ambitious plans are ambitious

By ToddTuesday - May 10th, 2016Categories: News

Inked crane from THE NORMLINGSI’m about to do something ambitious. First off, here’s an inked version of that crane you saw several weeks ago. Neat eh? Ok, so I have the ST. LOUIS COMIC CON coming up in St. Charles, MO, June 18-19th and I am seriously considering trying to have my new comic, THE NORMLINGS, in ==PRINT== to sell there! I don’t even have it on the web yet and I’m already thinking of printing it.

I’ve decided to release this as a traditional 24 page comic, and I currently have 5 pages finished, another 4 more inked, and 11 more sketched out. I have about two weeks to pull this off and make it print ready, along with the cover art, and send it off to the printer.

It is doable, and since it’s my first convention in about two years, I wanted to have something new to show off. Stay tuned and see if I can pull this off!

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